The AAL Watch

Our inspiration:

 Seeker is based in Aalborg where we both grew up. For more than 150 years, Aalborg has been the industrial capital of Denmark, and has provided the nation with the concrete-solid backbone needed to develop and prosper. However, when celebrating Danish design and progress the rugged, worn and hard-working town has often been viewed as the unattractive younger brother of the grandiose and beautiful Copenhagen. In recent years Aalborg has undergone a rapid revitalization, turning it into a city of architectural marvels rather that industrial concrete boxes. With Seeker we wish to honor and celebrate the beauty, history and innovativeness of our hardworking hometown. Not only has Aalborg inspired our hardwearing yet sleek Scandinavian designs – We’ve even named our very first watch after it! The AAL Watch.

The AAL Watch is dedicated to this diligent place we’re so proud to call home. AAL is where we depart from when we venture out into the world and Aalborg is our safe haven when we return. It is where good times can make us wish for time to stand still and where time can move way too fast, when watching our daughters grow up.


The AAL Watch:

Seeker Watches are powered by the philosophy that time is our most valuable recourse. You only get this very moment once, so you’ve better make the most of it! With the Seeker watch, we are stripping it down to the bare essentials: Time and presence – and style of course! As a fun-loving family with a great curiosity for life and travel, we understand that different daily adventures require different equipment. Lets be honest; who wants to wear their fancy leather-strap watch whilst sailing a kayak? With the Seeker watch we’re solving that problem for you! You could even take it for a swim (5ATM)! The AAL watch would still be your trusty companion. Every watch comes with a variety of three interchangeable, high quality wristbands – One to fit every occasion. From the kayak to a wedding reception – You’re good to go. Our super easy Click-on/Click-off mechanism allows you to style the sturdy and stylish Seeker clock case as you see fit. And did we mention that every Seeker watch is completely unisex? No limitations! Just Explore. Seek. Discover!

  • Case Diameter: 40” mm 
  • Case thickness: 7 mm
  • Strap width 20 mm
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass
  • PVD coated Stainless steel 316 L casing 
  • Japanese Seiko multi eye cal. VD77 Movement
  • 5 ATM (50m) Water resistance
All watches comes with three easy-to-chance straps - One to fit any occasion!
  • Crocodile pattern genuine leather strap
  • Stainless steel mesh band strap
  • Urban Camoflage nylon strap 
We are so confident in the quality of our watches, that if something were to go wrong within the first 2 years, we will swap it over for you absolutely free. All our watches are backed with a 2 year factory warranty.